Delivering on the Digital Transition within the EU – Research Challenge

21 March 2023

The University of Győr – Széchenyi Istvan University (SZE), is hosting the third RUN-EU Student Week, from 24 to 28 April 2023, in Hungary.

The event will enable all RUN-EU students and researchers to participate in three Short Advanced Programme Challenges on Research.

The Short Advanced Programme (SAP) Research Challenge ‘Delivering on the Digital Transition within the EU’ will help students broaden their horizons on this European agenda.

They will get a general insight into the main paradigms of Industry 4.0. Digital twins, industrial modelling and high-performance computing, image processing with medical applications, robotics, and automation will be covered by internationally recognised researchers and professors from the field of innovation, design, sustainability and a green future, enhancing collaboration and responsible problem-solving.

The Student Week will enable all RUN-EU students and researchers to participate in another two Short Advanced Programme Challenges on Research:

From 24-28 April 2023

Mode of delivery
Face-to-face at SZE (Győr, Hungary)

Language of instruction

ECTS credits
1 ECTS credit

Academic recognition
To be defined by each higher education institution.

Eligible participants
Open to all RUN-EU degree students and researchers.

Proposed learning outcomes

At the end of this Short Advanced Programme, you will:

  • Think creatively (generate new research ideas, evaluate and select the most appropriate ones);
  • Improve research skills;
  • Improve transversal and soft skills through teamwork and cooperative project methodology;
  • Elaborate on cooperative research topics by utilising new approaches,
  • Articulate integrated research definition based on the digital transition challenges of European society;
  • Improve innovative thinking in cooperation with others to achieve a common goal;
  • Recognise cutting-edge topics in the digital transition and Industry 4.0;
  • Consider interdisciplinary aspects of digitalisation, industry and society.

How to apply
Fill in the application form

Deadline for applications
29 March 2023

Selection criteria
Background, motivation, wide representation of subject areas/fields and balanced participation of RUN-EU member institutions. Priority will be given to students who are developing research at a master’s or PhD level. Degree students who prove to be involved in research projects can apply.
A maximum of 35 students will be selected for this programme. The selection team will also take steps towards ensuring a diverse and representative group of students.


SZE, Hungary
TUS, Ireland
IPCA, Portugal


Additional information on accommodation for students at the Halls Residence is available here.
The Chair of the Student Council from SZE – Dávid Vályi-Nagy ( – can help provide more information for students.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to István Á Harmati (


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