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In advancing the mission and long-term vision of RUN-EU, we have successfully achieved all milestones while integrating the ethos of a European University into the Alliance.

Here you can access the completed public deliverables and outputs which include comprehensive documents and reports produced between 2020-2023.

Set the foundations for cooperation, partner management, and quality assurance by providing a set of tools for internal guidance (including project management and quality manual, monitoring, quality control, and evaluation plan), organising regular transnational meetings (online and face-to-face), ensuring proper communication and involvement of partners, ensuring project monitoring, quality control, and evaluation of results, and producing official reports.

Enabled the identification, promotion and development of new future and advanced skills programmes. These programmes provided students with immersive learning experiences incorporating the latest knowledge and skills in cutting-edge areas. The FASA informed WP6 and WP7 about the new skills programmes to be developed and also informed the pedagogical design process of the new Short-Advanced Programmes (WP6) and European Double and Joint Degrees (WP7), as well as assessing the relevance and quality of the innovative educational provision produced under RUN-EU.

Defined a joint RUN-EU Mobility Strategy and Mobility Matrix to facilitate and promote an increase in mobility opportunities for students, researchers and staff within RUN-EU. In addition, a European Mobility Innovation Centre (EMIC) was established, bringing together international mobility experts (staff) from Alliance members. The role of the EMIC was to build and share expertise on innovative international student and staff mobility in European higher education and to monitor the quality of mobility in order to achieve the defined objectives.

D4.3 Student Centred Information Material: Video

Built European future-looking RDI teams using a challenge-based approach to address societal challenges. This WP focused on operationalising RDI activities through collaboration among Regional Innovation Clusters, European Innovation Hubs, and creating joint RDI teams. Integration of international RDI teams formed in WP5 into the relevant EIH was planned upon the establishment of European Innovation Hubs.

Designed and delivered Short Advanced Programmes (SAPs), based on transnational curricula and focusing on the future and advanced skills needs, enabling the promotion of flexible transnational mobility of students, innovative pedagogies and blended learning activities.

Designed and delivered collaborative European degrees, including regionally relevant double and joint degree programmes (BSc, MSc and PhD), based on transnational curricula and focusing on future and advanced skills needs, enabling the promotion of flexible transnational student mobility, innovative pedagogies and blended learning activities.

Developed and implemented the communication, dissemination and exploitation strategies, reflected in the establishment/promotion of a sound and consistent brand, in the creation/animation of the communication channels (particularly the project website and social media), in the development/deployment of promotional materials and the organisation of dissemination and exploitation events. This mainly consisted of transversal/cross-cutting activities linked to all the WPs.

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