Our Students will inherit the Future

We are an established network of seven like-minded and regionally focused HEIs committed to societal transformation in our regions in the context of both new and emerging regional and global challenges but in particular sustainable regional development. To achieve this collective mission, we focus on the delivery of collaborative, future and advanced skills-based teaching, learning, research and engagement activities across the network. Partner institutes have a regional as opposed to a city focus and also have a proven track record in the delivery of future and advanced skills activities in teaching, learning, research and engagement relevant to future societal challenges.

Delivering Future and Advanced Skills for Societal Transformation in the EU Regions

Our mission is supported through the development of: Future and Advanced Skills Academies (FASA), which promote and develop joint student-centred, challenge and work-based flexible learning activities, including Short Advanced Programmes and European Degrees, through collaborative and pedagogically innovative inter-university and interregional approaches to higher education; European Innovation Hubs (EIH), which will stimulate and create joint interregional research, innovation and regional stakeholder engagement projects and activities across the alliance; European Mobility Innovation Centre (EMIC), which will build and share expertise in innovative physical and virtual mobility initiatives and will assess the quality of new mobility activities.

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