How to design Researcher Skills ePortfolio?

RUN-EU PLUS is organizing an online workshop on How to design Researcher Skills ePortfolio in March 2024. Part 1:  Introduction to the ePortfolio method and how to benefit the RUN-EU PLUS researcher career evaluation development tool in constructing own ePortfolio. In addition, if you work as a teacher or that is your future career opportunity, […]

Online Training on Research Engagement and Impact

Engaged Research for Impact is a dynamic approach that emphasizes collaboration between researchers and stakeholders to address real-world problems. This practice involves active participation from diverse stakeholders throughout the research process, ensuring that outcomes are relevant and impactful.

Online Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

Join us for an online workshop in March 2024, hosted by RUN-EU PLUS, focusing on the intersection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and open science. Delve into the complexities of openly sharing research data and publications while navigating copyright, licensing, and patent protection.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Skills Development Training

RUN-EU PLUS invites faculty members, our research community, and regional partners to participate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Skills Development Training which focuses on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding business and commercialization fundamentals, and applying innovation principles practically.