Online Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

27 March 2024

RUN-EU PLUS is organizing an online workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in March 2024.

In open science, sharing research data and publications openly is encouraged. However, researchers must navigate IPR issues related to copyright and licensing when making their work available to the public. They also sometimes seek patents for their inventions to protect their commercial interests. Balancing open sharing with patent protection can be challenging.

Online Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

27 March 2024 • 13h00-14h30 CET

It will focus on:

  • What is Open Science?
  • What are the IPR issues in Open Science?
  • How do Copyright and Licensing Affect Open Science?
  • Why do Researchers Seek Patents?
  • What are the Challenges in Balancing Open Sharing and Patent Protection?

What you will know afterwards:

  • Understanding the principles and importance of open science.
  • Recognizing the implications of copyright and licensing in the context of open sharing.
  • Appreciating the role of patents in protecting intellectual property and fostering innovation.
  • Developing critical thinking skills to navigate the complexities of balancing open sharing and patent protection in research endeavors.
  • Exploring strategies for addressing IPR issues while promoting collaboration and knowledge dissemination in scientific communities.
  • Which important Intellectual Property Rights play a role in research.

It is open to RUN-EU researchers and students, but anyone is invited to register, and it is hosted using MS Teams.

Hosted by 
TUS, Ireland

NHL Stenden


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