RUN-EU PLUS invites RUN-EU faculty members, our research community, and regional partners to participate in our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Skills Development Training, which we have developed. This program has been designed for those of you who are interested in developing essential skills and knowledge to transform your research into viable commercial outputs and includes topics such as new venture creation, commercialization, and intellectual property management. The training focuses on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding business and commercialization fundamentals, and applying innovation principles practically.

Participating in the program will create awareness among the RUN research community regarding the key principles of entrepreneurship and provide the tools to work with regional partners on the development and commercialization of research innovations.


21.March.2024, 13h00 – 14h30 CET 

(Entrepreneurship, Commercialization and Innovation in Research)

22.March.2024, 13h00 – 14h00 CET 

(Tools for Test your Business Idea)

11.April.2024, 13h00 – 14h30 CET 

(Testing and Validating Your Idea with Innovation in Mind)

12.April.2024, 13h00 – 14h00 CET

(Intellectual Property, Legal Considerations, and Innovation Management)

Questions addressed:

•            An introduction to entrepreneurship, commercialization and innovation in research.

•            Business Modelling and Frameworks.

•            Testing and validating an idea with innovation in mind.

•            Intellectual Property, legal considerations, and Innovation Management.

•            Individual activities where learners review and plan their own Entrepreneurship and Innovation related activities.

•            Group discussions and Q&A

What you will know afterwards:

By completing the Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshops the badge earner will:

•  Understand the principles of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Intellectual Property management and commercialization of research outcomes.

•  Have reviewed and critiqued their own research project/ideas to identify the commercial potential including capability in Innovation-Focused Market Analysis.

•  Have an increased proficiency in business modelling for innovative research using the business model canvas and value proposition canvas.

•  Have completed a reflective exercise which will include the development of a personal entrepreneurship idea, a business model canvas, and a detailed plan to test their research idea for commercial potential.

Note: A formal notice of successful completion of the training will be provided by TUS (Example: Digital Badge).

Hosted by 
TUS, Ireland

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Skills Development Training


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