Innovation Hubs

The RUN-EU European Innovation Hubs will improve the global economic competitiveness and environmental responsibility of our regions and influence the European labour market by providing innovative sustainable solutions to current and future societal challenges.

European Innovation Hubs at a Glance

European Innovation Hubs

The RUN-EU European Innovation Hubs are interregional networks that will use academic expertise and shared infrastructures to develop interuniversity research, innovation, and regional stakeholder engagement opportunities to enhance the link between teaching, research, and innovation within RUN-EU.

Based on a collaborative approach and shared and open access to knowledge, innovation and infrastructures, they will be unique platforms to exchange expertise in Europe.

The activities of the Hubs will be designed to deliver on societal transformation requirements, within the framework of the relevant Smart Specialisation Strategies and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and influence and guide social policies, higher education strategies, future skills programmes, interregional activities, and joint applications to European RD&I calls by the RUN-EU members.

RUN-EU thematic areas

Future and Sustainable Industries


Social Innovation


  • To establish an interregional RD&I network spread across different units
  • To develop an interregional innovation and entrepreneurship network that will promote the creation of new and disruptive interregional SMEs and encourage entrepreneurship among students
  • To create industry partner mobility opportunities for research students and staff among regional stakeholders and the development of a common structured approach to master’s, PhD, and post-doctoral programmes across RUN-EU.

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European Innovation Hubs

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