RUN-EU PLUS ICARUS 2 Conference 2022

20 October 2022

Hosted by the Technological University of the Shannon, the RUN-EU PLUS Annual International Conference on Applied Research with Business and Society (ICARUS 2), will be held online on 14 December 2022 (10h00-15h00 CET).

The ICARUS 2 conference will present master’s and PhD programme research in the areas of Sustainability, Digitalisation and Social Innovation which are jointly supervised across the RUN-EU alliance.

These research programmes are designed to drive research and innovation, align with the specific specialisation areas of the RUN-EU European Innovation Hubs (Future and Sustainable Industries, Bioeconomy and Social Innovation), and contribute to the development of RUN-EU regions.

This will be the second RUN-EU PLUS conference that will engage research students, scholars, researchers, and business and society stakeholders in discussions across the RUN-EU universities members and the associated industry, business and community partners network.

If you would like to attend the event, please register at the registration website.
We look forward to welcoming all participants and presenters on 14 December 2022.

For any queries, please contact

The ICARUS 2 conference will:

  • Provide a space for the presentation of the most relevant scientific results in the focus areas, including special tracks for professional research programmes’ students;
  • Contribute to the Open Science agenda through close contact and informal discussion with business and society actors, in which the conclusions of the scientific world are presented in a clear way, which is accessible to the general public and particularly to business and society representatives;
  • Increase the cooperation and identify possible practical problems to be addressed by research students within the Professional Practice-based Research degrees;
  • Implement annual innovation awards to recognise the companies or society actors that have a special contribution to the development of joint programmes, professional research activities and the development of the R&I ecosystem in the Regions of the RUN-EU PLUS alliance;
  • Disseminate the impact of the professional research programmes in the companies and society, notably those that host the Professional Practice-based Research degrees.


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