RUN-EU Super Week – 2nd Edition

20 April 2022

The Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) will host the second edition of the RUN-EU Super Week between 16 and 20 May for both RUN-EU students and members of staff.

While staff will participate in the activities of the FASA Pedagogical Development Programme (PDP) and the Design Factory Bootcamp (DFB), students can expect an intensive week around the SAP ‘How to Navigate Through Unfamiliar Contexts’.

The Design Factory Bootcamp aims to promote the development of teachers’ transdisciplinary competencies and to enable the RUN-EU universities to launch their Design Factory to become members of the Design Factory Global Network. Staff members taking part in the DFB are also requested to complete a pretask.

Students can only participate by applying to the SAP ‘How to Navigate Through Unfamiliar Contexts’ (deadline for applications: 20 April).

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