To become a true engine
of regional development and enrich society

Our goals

  • To create and grow three joint interregional cutting-edge knowledge networks, the European Innovations Hubs, focused on three areas: Future Industries and Sustainable Regional Development, Bioeconomy and Social Innovation
  • To develop a long-term mobility-driven strategy responsible for the identification, promotion, and creation of flexible future and advanced skills programmes, based on a challenge- and work-based curricula, the Future and Advanced Skills Academies
  • To establish a European Mobility Innovation Centre, which will bring together international mobility experts (staff) from the alliance members to build and share expertise in innovative international student and staff mobility in European higher education and to monitor the quality of RUN-EU mobility activities
  • To create an internship programme for the mobility of research students and staff, the Discovery Programme, which will also be responsible for forming future-looking international R&I teams and fostering sustainable R&I projects within the alliance

By accomplishing these goals, we will be contributing to the sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental progress of our regions and stakeholders, becoming a true engine of regional development.

But we won’t stop here.

In the years ahead, our alliance will share best practices and positively influence the future strategies of each of our seven higher education institutions, as well as wider European agendas, including the development of the European Education Area, the European Commission Higher Education Policy and the renewed EU agenda for higher education.

By 2030, RUN-EU will be a fully engaged European University that has developed a unique new type of multinational interregional alliance, a European Zone for Interregional Development.


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