Howest Welcomed the 2nd RUN-EU Executive Management Board Meeting

12 June 2024

The RUN-EU Executive Management Board (EMB) met from 3 to 5 June at the Howest University of Applied Sciences, Belgium.

President Frederik D’hulster, Vice-President Mieke Demeyere, and RUN-EU Howest Project Manager Lies Vanhaelemeesch welcomed the Presidents, CEOs, and the entire team to the Campus Bruges Station for the second face-to-face meeting of Cycle 2, marking the first organised by our new Belgian member.

This meeting provided an opportunity to discuss updates on the work plan progress, achievements from the first six months, and the next steps.

After an inspiring meeting, Tuesday concluded with a tour of the new campus in Bruges. Wednesday morning included visits to the Sports Innovation Campus and the Mind-and-Makerspace at the Howest Hospital. The afternoon provided an opportunity to explore the campuses in Kortrijk, including The Level, the Industrial Design Centre, The Buda Campus, Campus A, and The Penta.

The next EMB meeting will be held during the General Assembly Week at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, Austria, in September.


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