Online Workshop on Young Adults, Risks, Fears and Insurance 

15 April 2024

RUN-EU PLUS is organising an online workshop on Young Adults, Risks, Fears and Insurance on 8 May 2024.

It is open to early to mid-stage researchers (students and staff), particularly those interested in new approaches to social research. Participants are expected to understand basic research methodology.

It will be hosted online in MS Teams.

Online Workshop on Young Adults, Risks, Fears and Insurance

8 May 2024 • 13h00–14h30 CET

It will focus on:

  • What are the main stages in becoming an adult in Europe?
  • What are the main fears of today’s young generations?
  • How can these fears and risks be addressed through personal risk management and insurance?
  • What are the main societal and individual drivers of financial and insurance literacy?

Learning outcomes:

  • How the post-modern world, liquid modernity and the risk society affect us.
  • What is the difference between financial literacy and insurance literacy? How to conceptualise and measure these two complex variables.
  • How this knowledge can be translated into the creation of new insurance services and products.

Hosted by 
SZE, Hungary


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