Online Workshop on Introduction to Open Access – 2nd Edition

3 November 2023

RUN-EU PLUS is organising an Online Workshop on Introduction to Open Access on 22 November 2023.

Open Access is free, online, digital information, allowing the free and legal reuse of scientific results by removing financial and legal restrictions.

Open access documents can be downloaded, copied, shared, and printed, with an indication of the source.

The Berlin Declaration states:
‘Establishing open access as a worthwhile procedure ideally requires the active commitment of each producer of scientific knowledge and holder of cultural heritage. Open access contributions include original scientific research results, raw data and metadata, source materials, digital representations of pictorial and graphical materials and scholarly multimedia materials.’

Workshop on Introduction to Open Access

22 November 2023 • 13h00-14h30 CET

What you will know afterwards

What are Open Access and Open Access Publishing, and why they are important.

It is open to all RUN-EU researchers, students, and staff members, and will take place via MS Teams.

Hosted by 

HAMK, Finland
NHL Stenden, The Netherlands


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