RUN-EU Awarded for Breakout Session at EURASHE Conference on Skills for Europe

14 June 2023

RUN-EU significantly impacted the EURASHE 32nd Annual Conference held in Bucharest, Romania, from 8 to 9 June 2023.

Under the theme of ‘Skills for Europe’, RUN-EU was represented by the Future and Advanced Skills Academies (FASA) member – Joana Ferreira, a Learning Designer from the Polytechnic of Leiria –, who led an engaging breakout session that received recognition.

As 2023 is designated the European Year of Skills, the conference provided a platform for RUN-EU to showcase its ongoing work in skills development, presenting its ground-breaking initiative, the Skills Bulletins, developed over the past three years.

During the session, participants actively discussed future skills and the desired graduate profile in 2030. The collaborative nature of the session fostered reflection on the evolving needs of the job market and educational requirements.

The session gained attention and received an award from EURASHE, showcasing RUN-EU’s commitment and dedication to driving innovation and excellence in higher education.

The success of this breakout session highlights RUN-EU’s commitment to addressing the changing skills landscape in Europe and shaping the future of education through stakeholder engagement and dialogue.


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