The Future What if Humanity Depended on Ice Cream?

20 May 2023

On 31 May 2023, the Polytechnic of Leiria (IPLeiria) will host the Design Factory Workshop The Future: What if Humanity Depended on Ice Cream?

Ice cream enthusiasts and creative thinkers are invited to join the Design Factory Workshop, an exciting event where participants will embark on an imaginative exploration of a future where ice cream takes centre stage as the sole food option. The workshop challenges attendees to think outside the box and design new ideas and solutions for this whimsical scenario.

Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions, and hands-on prototyping, and receive expert guidance to delve into the various aspects of a world sustained solely by ice cream. From considering the nutritional implications, exploring diverse flavour profiles, and investigating sustainable production methods and packaging solutions, attendees will participate in thought-provoking discussions and exercises.

The workshop’s primary goal is to cultivate a forward-thinking mindset among its participants. By encouraging attendees to envision a future where ice cream goes beyond being a mere treat and becomes a vital source of sustenance, the event aims to inspire the creation of innovative concepts that have the potential to shape the future of food.

This unique opportunity to shape a world where ice cream rules, open to all the RUN-EU Community, should not be missed.

Join the Design Factory Workshop and contribute to the development of a visionary future.

Provisional Programme

Welcome session

What is a Design Factory?

Future Design Factory

One possible design methodology for this workshop

Splitting the group into teams

The Future –
What if Humanity Depended on Ice Cream?



Sharing ideas/results


IPLeiria, Portugal
NHL Stenden, The Netherlands


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