A new RUN-EU Bachelor’s Double Degree in Design is on its way

2 December 2022

The Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FHV) are in the final stages of creating a Double Degree Programme in Design for bachelor students from both institutions.

Heads of degree programmes Anna Huoviala from Smart and Sustainable Design (HAMK) and Margarita Köhl from InterMedia (FHV) are both excited about the possibilities that future students from both institutions can achieve.

HAMK has a strong knowledge of material-based design processes and product development with the help of the latest technology and FHV can offer its expertise in digital design and experiences.

The commitment to sustainability is a joint value for both programmes, believing that these areas of expertise complement each other and bring added value to students from both universities, who will be able to enrol in this Double Degree Programme from 2023.

These collaborations give students the chance to earn two academic degrees at two universities in parallel. To do so, the required ECTS credits must be earned in two semesters at the host university.

This is the fifth RUN-EU Double Degree Programme and a great step towards achieving the goals for collaboration.


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