Tourism Research Group Discovery Mission to TUS

TUS will host a RUN-EU Discovery Mission Workshop for Tourism Research between 13-14 October 2022 in its Athlone campus. Tourism is one of the priority areas identified in our alliance and we are building strong relationships across all work packages. The workshop will develop applications for EU funding projects to be submitted in the coming months. […]

RUN-EU General Assembly and Students Week

The Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) will host the second RUN-EU General Assembly and Students Week between 7 and 11 November 2022. More information will be available soon.

SAP ‘Game Changing Games’ – 2nd Edition

The complexity of global challenges is constantly rising. Can we change the game with games? Taking this question as a starting point, in this SAP, students will understand how game designers can address these complexities to incite change, fostering the sustainable co-existence of humans and the ecological systems. Creating games that motivate people to engage […]

SAP ‘Drawing and Technology’

In today’s technologically driven society, what role does traditional drawing have in the preservation of our cultural heritage? Discover how these traditional values intersect with contemporary art & design practice and technological sophistication. Exploring the rich culture of the city of Barcelos, students are encouraged to make architectural studies, examine museum artefacts, and create renderings of […]

SAP ‘Who are we? Mapping the identity of the RUN-EU-er’

Europe, as a region, is known for its cultural diversity and pluralism and RUN-EU, as part of that community, reflects this mosaic of cultures and languages. The European Union and RUN-EU aim to foster common understanding, further development and trust among its members, which raises some challenges. This SAP will help prepare RUN-EU students for […]

SAP ‘Design Expedition – Arctic Super Food Challenge’

Design Expedition is a challenge-based learning experience remote and on campus. The Design Expedition Challenge is a multidisciplinary and multinational project in which student teams aim to create solutions to the challenge. The Design Expedition includes lectures, workshops and project work. The Design Expedition project also includes a final pitching event and a reflective session, […]

Online Workshop on Approaches to Early-Stage Researcher Supervision

RUN-EU PLUS will organise an Online Workshop on Approaches to Early-Stage Researcher Supervision on 20 September 2022, specially developed for new research supervisors and researchers wishing to take up the role of a supervisor in the future.  PhD students are also welcome to participate in this workshop to represent the supervised postgraduate students and gain […]

Online Workshop on How to be a Successful Researcher

RUN-EU PLUS will organise an Online Workshop on How to be a Successful Researcher on 6 September 2022, specially developed for researchers, postgraduate students, and supervisors.  As a researcher, do you want to know more about the publishing process and how to build your research publishing plan? Also, what are the first steps in building […]

RUN-EU Super Week – 3rd Edition

The Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) will host the third edition of the RUN-EU Super Week between 26 and 30 September 2022 for both RUN-EU students and members of staff. While staff will participate in the activities of the FASA Pedagogical Development Programme (PDP) and the Design Factory Bootcamp (DFB), students can expect an intensive […]

Exploratory Mission in Information Technology / Computer Science to IPCA

The Polytechnic of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) (Barcelos Campus) will host a RUN-EU Exploratory Mission in Information Technology / Computer Science between 13-15 September 2022. The event aims to bring together programme directors and research leaders and managers to explore joint postgraduate education and research cooperation opportunities in the Information Technology and Computer Science fields, […]