Discover the Howest Campi: Kortrijk, Bruges and Oudenaarde

21 June 2024

The Howest University of Applied Sciences, our new member from Belgium, is known for its innovative and industry-driven approach to education, with vibrant Campi in Kortrijk, Bruges, and Oudenaarde.

These campuses offer dynamic learning environments that are closely integrated with their respective cities, combining modern facilities, green spaces, and a student-first approach.
This ensures a supportive and engaging atmosphere for both local and international students.

Let’s have a closer look at what each campus has to offer.


Kortrijk is a city built around innovation and design. Our Campi here are hubs for creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including cutting-edge labs and collaborative workspaces. The Kortrijk Campi are not just about academics; they also boast a vibrant student life with numerous events and activities.

Kortrijk Weide

Kortrijk Weide has several buildings located in the green part of Kortrijk for a scenic environment.
The Level is home to our renowned Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) programme and is equipped with high-tech studios and labs for game developers, animators, and digital artists.
The Penta, a model of modern architecture, features spacious classrooms, advanced technology, and an eco-friendly design.
The Core serves as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering innovation and teamwork in technology and AI.
The Industrial Design Center supports the Industrial Product Design programme with state-of-the-art workspaces and prototyping labs.


Located on Buda Island, this campus is dedicated to our Digital Design and Development (Devine) programme. Buda Campus offers a creative haven,  where students can explore the intersections of design, technology, and user experience. The vibrant atmosphere and innovative facilities make it an ideal place for future digital designers and developers.

The Square

Campus The Square is home to our growing Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) students, and offers a dynamic environment and nurtures creativity.

Bruges Station Campus
Sport Innovation Campus


Bruges provides a unique setting for Howest’s second major campus. Known for its architecture and bustling cultural scene, Bruges offers a unique setting for students. The city is an extension of the campus, offering a perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary conveniences.

Bruges Station Campus:

The largest of the Bruges Campi is situated right next to the train station and very close to the historical heart of the city. In February 2024, a brand-new state-of-the-art building opened on the site. The campus features modern classrooms, advanced laboratories, and collaborative spaces designed to foster innovation and hands-on learning.

Sport Innovation Campus:

Our Sport Innovation Campus specialises in programmes related to sports and physical education, providing cutting-edge facilities and resources for students to explore the latest in sports science and technology. This campus serves as a living laboratory for innovation, focusing on four key domains: exergames & gamification, digital coaching & testing, new sports, and active design.

Facilities include the Sportscube for Active Gaming, which features interactive exercise games that combine physical activity with the entertainment of video games. Students have access to both commercial games and innovative prototypes developed in-house and by external partners. The campus also hosts workshops, sport camps and sessions that allow students and professionals to engage with the latest trends and technologies in sports.

Through collaboration with Sport Vlaanderen, the campus ensures that it remains at the forefront of sports innovation. They do that by offering an inspiring and stimulating environment for students to thrive.


The Oudenaarde campus which is smaller, plays a crucial role in Howest’s educational ecosystem. Situated in the scenic Flemish Ardennes, Oudenaarde offers a close-knit community atmosphere.

The Howest University of Applied Sciences stands out for its commitment to innovation, practical training, and international collaboration. Whether in the bustling city of Kortrijk, the historic charm of Bruges, or the tranquil setting of Oudenaarde, students and staff are part of a vibrant, supportive community.

Explore Howest and discover a world of opportunities!

Oudenaarde Campus


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