RUN-EU Dissemination and Cooperation Office (DCO) has been established

19 June 2024

The establishment of the Dissemination and Cooperation Office (DCO), which held its inaugural meeting on 19 June, marks a new milestone for RUN-EU 2.0.

The DCO, a sub-office of the Central Communications Office, is hosted by the University of Burgos (UBU) and is responsible for developing and implementing dissemination activities and events, as well as engaging with other European universities on best practice approaches.

It comprises a network of delegates from each RUN-EU member institution, including a Central Office at UBU and eight Community Officers, each based at one of the member universities.

During this first meeting, UBU presented an overview of the responsibilities of the DCO and emphasised its role in liaising with European universities and alliances.

The members of the DCO had the opportunity to discuss the importance for the DCO of identifying and reaching out to different associations and stakeholders at the regional and national levels.

Printscreen of the RUN-EU DCO online meeting, on 19 June 2024, in which its members were identified.


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