RUN-EU EPA-Missions Schedule and Approach

11 April 2024

The RUN-EU European Programmes Academy Exploratory Missions (EPA-Missions) will bring its community together throughout the alliance for in-person, weeklong knowledge-creation events with the aim of co-creating joint learning opportunities for RUN-EU learners.

These learning opportunities range from short joint education opportunities (such as SAPs, COILs, MOOCs) to joint degree programmes (leading to a joint, double, or multiple degree).

In total, RUN-EU will implement one EPA-Mission per RUN-EU partner. In the final EPA-Mission, the results of the first EPA-Missions will be discussed, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities will be developed by their teams in the EU priority areas of the digital and green transitions and socio-economic challenges.

The approach to the development and hosting of the EPA-Missions has been finalised and their schedule is now available with the pilot EPA-Mission taking place in Austria, from 16 to 19 April 2024, at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FHV).

We are looking forward to seeing our students and staff come together to review the needs of the RUN-EU regions, co-create ideas for joint learning opportunities, explore Vorarlberg and be in touch with local stakeholders.

The schedule below shows the EPA-Missions hosting universities, the dates, the broader educational domain and contact details for each EPA-Mission.

To participate in any of the EPA-Missions, please contact the strand members of your university.

Host UniversityDates (including travel days)EPA-Mission DomainContactEmail
FHV15 – 19 April 2024Education and Social SciencesRUN-EU Department at
HAMK20 – 24 May 2024Food and BiotechnologyKatja Rönkkönen & Milla Rä
IPLeiria21 – 25 October 2024Climate Change – Circular Economy & DecarbonisationMarisa Dinis
Paula Cardoso
Howest11 – 15 November 2024Health and WellbeingIlse Coopman
Lies Vanhaelemeesch
NHL Stenden3 – 7 March 2025IoT and CybersecurityAnja
UBU7 – 11 April 2025Smart Sustainable ManufacturingRUN-EU Office
IPCA12 – 16 May 2025Creative Arts, Design & Materials ThinkingJorge
TUS9 – 14 June 2025TourismBrian Murphy
Terry Twomey
New HEIM1 – M8 in 2025BusinessTo be announced
FHV1 – 5 September 2025Final EPA-MissionRUN-EU Department at

Note: The approach and schedule will be evaluated after the first two EPA-Missions and therefore are subject to change. The schedule will be updated regularly to reflect any changes.


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