RUN-EU launches European Stakeholder Engagement Centre (ESEC) in Burgos

10 April 2024

The RUN-EU European Stakeholder Engagement Centre (RUN-ESEC) kick-off meeting took place in Burgos, Spain, at the end of March.

Representatives from all eight member universities of the RUN-EU Alliance attended, as part of the initiative led by the University of Burgos (UBU) under the WP4, whose goal is to enhance societal engagement through public-private collaborations.

As RUN-EU seeks to leverage education, research, innovation, and service to society to foster sustainable progress in its regions, the creation of a European Interregional Development Zone (EZ-ID) stimulates collaborative initiatives across all European University campuses, focusing on areas like entrepreneurship, open science, and service to society.

RUN-ESEC focus aligns with the European Commission’s priorities, including digital and green transitions and socio-economic challenges. Its three main areas of work include RUN-Entrepreneurship, expanding cooperation with emerging entrepreneurial students; RUN-Future Innovation Labs (FILS), promoting STEAM activities among youth aged 6 to 17; and the RUN-EU platform for Service to Society – Ready to Service (RETOS), encouraging student involvement in solving social issues and volunteering.

To support these initiatives, RUN-EU Knowledge Missions will facilitate mobility among key stakeholders for specific research tasks.

Currently, UBU is working on establishing contacts with regional governments and business partners for an international meeting in October.


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