RUN-EU European Programmes Academy (EPA) inaugural meeting in Brussels

26 February 2024

Following the successful kick-off meeting for RUN-EU 2.0 in January, preparations for the new four-year funding cycle are well underway.

Last week, the RUN-EU European Programmes Academy (EPA) met in Brussels to strategise training initiatives for the Alliance’s upcoming activities.

The EPA coordinates two main operational units which will be shared by all our universities namely: the Joint Education Hub (EDUHUB) which is responsible for identifying, promoting, and developing joint education opportunities for our students, staff and other key stakeholders focused on meeting future skills requirements, and the FAPSA (Future and Advanced Pedagogical Skills Academies), renewing the commitment to provide high-quality training experiences.

This three-day RUN-EU EPA meeting facilitated enriching discussions, provided valuable insights for the Alliance’s educational efforts, and was marked by productivity, motivation and inspiration, reflecting the Alliance’s commitment to dynamism and increased ambition in RUN-EU 2.0.

It had the invaluable support of RUN-EU’s Associated Partner, the Häme EU Office, who hosted the three days of meetings at their Brussels office.


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