European Student Assembly 2024 Applications Are Now Open

7 October 2023

The European Student Assembly (#ESA24) is back, inviting youth voices for discussions on Europe’s future.

From 10–12 April 2024, Strasbourg will host this dynamic assembly, bringing together students from all the European University alliances.

#ESA24 serves as an essential platform for students to actively participate in discussions on critical European matters. It is an opportunity for young voices to be at the forefront of dialogue, as they draft policy recommendations and advocate for change.

What’s next?

In preparation for the event, an informative online session will take place on 11 October 2023, at 6h30 p.m. (UTC+1). This session will provide insights and guidance to prospective attendees, ensuring their active involvement in the assembly.

Debating Topics

Panel 1 – European Election Year
How to tackle the lack of (and dis-) information and encourage citizens’ engagement in the upcoming elections?

Panel 2 – Greener is Better
How can the EU establish responsible growth in the context of climate change?

Panel 3 – Cohesion Through Budget Policies
How can the EU budget policy take part in strengthening cohesion amongst its Member States?

Panel 4 – Seeking a Better Future in the EU
What strategy should the EU adopt to guarantee treatment with dignity of migrants from outside of the Union?

Panel 5 – EU in the World
How can the EU be a more responsible actor in globalisation through its leadership?

Panel 6 – EU Artificial Intelligence Act
What strategies could be implemented to maximise the benefits of AI while addressing its challenges?

Panel 7 – European Heritage
How can the EU effectively coordinate with institutions for the promotion of its heritage and ensure access to culture for all?

Panel 8 – Cure of the Future
What approach should the EU adopt regarding health and more particularly the advancements of biomedicine?

Panel 9 – A Place for Everyone
How can higher education institutions be a place of opportunities for all?

Panel 10 – EU of Tomorrow
How can the EU secure a safe and well-guided enlargement in the upcoming years?

Panel 11 – Addressing Euroscepticism
How to build a stronger and more united EU in the face of the rise of Euroscepticism?

ESA is one of the main activities of the European Universities Community, a project initiated by students from European University alliances who want to give all European students a voice at the Conference on the Future of Europe.

As the RUN-EU alliance continues to empower students and amplify their voices, it eagerly anticipates their participation, shaping a better and more inclusive Europe for generations to come.

For further information and application details, visit #ESA24 – Application.


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