RUN-EU Portuguese Polytechnics will now grant doctoral degrees

1 March 2023

Earlier this week, the law change that will allow the Portuguese Polytechnics to grant PhDs was approved. 

In the same legislative pack, was defined that the institutions’ designation will change to Polytechnic Universities.

This is a huge milestone for RUN-EU as two of its members – the Polytechnic of Leiria, and the Polytechnic of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) – will benefit largely from this change, which will mean a strong and positive impact on our alliance as well.

Maria José Fernandes, the president of IPCA and of the Portuguese Polytechnics Coordinating Council (CCISP), said:

‘With the decision taken today, international recognition will be expanded, by similarity with the nomenclatures used throughout Europe, as in the case of IPCA, which is part of a European University, RUN-EU, and has Universities of Applied Sciences and Polytechnics as partners’.

The assignment of PhDs can be implemented as early as the next school year, while the name changing to Polytechnic Universities will take place in 2024.


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