RUN-EU at DORP in the ‘Welcome to the Village’ festival 2022

28 November 2022

DORP is a unique Living Innovation Lab where different disciplines take on the adventure of discovering new things.

In this week-long challenge, students and young professionals work on circular challenges of the region which they develop into prototypes, testing them at the festival ‘Welcome to the Village‘, the most experimental pop festival in the Northern Netherlands.

The process is based on the idea that if an idea or a new prototype works at a festival, there’s a possibility it will work in the ‘real world’.

Several RUN-EU students participated this year, coming together to work on making the world a better place. At this seven-day innovation event, by sharing their knowledge, skills and visions, they worked as a group towards a common goal and embarked on the adventure towards a circular economy in 2050. 

The festival gathered hundreds of students, musicians, artists, volunteers, designers, scientists and visitors.


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