Online Workshop on Approaches to Early-Stage Researcher Supervision

5 July 2022

RUN-EU PLUS will organise an Online Workshop on Approaches to Early-Stage Researcher Supervision on 20 September 2022, specially developed for new research supervisors and researchers wishing to take up the role of a supervisor in the future. 

PhD students are also welcome to participate in this workshop to represent the supervised postgraduate students and gain insights into the supervision process.

One essential goal of RUN-EU is that the researchers will attain advanced competencies in research and transferable skills and the ability to plan their career and learning paths towards it.

Supervisors are key actors in enabling the continuous learning and skills development processes of all researchers. Postgraduate students in turn have their own important impact on the collaboration process with a supervisor.

Workshop on Approaches to Early-Stage Researcher Supervision

20 September 2022 • 10h00-16h00 CET • MS Teams

It will focus on:

  • the roles and tasks of supervisors and postgraduate students in the supervision process
  • best practices in supervision

The registration form will be available on this web page from 14 August. Registration will open on 15 August and it will remain open until 15 September 2022.

This event will provide you with information on the different roles during the supervision processes. Also, you’ll receive information on good supervision practices in various supervision environments.   


Welcome and introductions, Dr Mervi Friman (HAMK)

What is supervision?, Dr Telle Hailikari (HAMK)

Guidelines for breakout sessions, Ms Hanna Lindroos (HAMK)

Breakout Session 1: Discussion of different styles to be a supervisor

Lunch break

Summaries of the breakout room discussions (chaired session by Dr Telle Hailikari)

Requirements to be a supervisor (TUS and SZE)

Short break

Roles of supervisor and supervisee, Dr Telle Hailikari (HAMK)

Some supervision experiences

Breakout Session 2: Discussion on the roles in individual and group supervision and good practices

Summaries of identified good practices in supervision (chaired session by Dr José Carlos Gomes and Dr Sara Novais, Polytechnic of Leiria)

Feedback, next steps in the RUN-EU PLUS training programme and closing words, Dr Virve Kallioniemi-Chambers (HAMK)


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