First RUN-EU PLUS ICARUS conference engaged stakeholders from business and society in research

The first RUN-EU PLUS ‘Annual International Conference on Applied Research with Business and Society’ (ICARUS) brought together research students, scholars, researchers, and business and society stakeholders in discussions concerning the development of practice-based research degree programmes, open science practice and researcher career development across RUN-EU. It was hosted by the University of Győr – Széchenyi Istvan University and held online on 14 December.

This was the first event of the RUN-EU PLUS project since it was launched in November 2021, at the RUN-EU General Assembly in Ireland. Throughout the day, members of the RUN-EU research community presented their results in the scientific focus areas of the alliance, which are linked to the future European Innovation Hubs (Future Industry and Sustainable Regional Development; Bioeconomy; and Social Innovation).

More than an opportunity to disseminate the impact of professional practice-based research programmes in business and society, the first RUN-EU PLUS ICARUS conference helped increase cooperation between the RUN-EU community and RUN-EU PLUS.

In her presentation, the RUN-EU PLUS Project Manager, Dr Siobhan Moane, said, ‘the aim of the RUN-EU PLUS project is to develop a long-term integrated Research & Innovation strategy across our European University and to develop a framework to deliver practice-based master’s and PhD programmes for business and society’.

First Presentations

  • Conference Opening • Professor Mihályka Lívia, President’s Envoy for External Relations (SZE)
  • Chair • Dr Petra Szakonyi, SZE RUN-EU PLUS Project Coordinator (SZE)
  • RUN-EU / RUN-EU PLUS Overview • Dr Siobhan Moane, RUN-EU PLUS Project Manager (TUS)
  • RUN-EU PLUS Member Presentation Future and Sustainable Industries Case Study – Research Master’s in the Digitalisation of Manufacturing • Dr John Cosgrove, Programme Manager (TUS)

Second Presentations

  • Impact of the Professional Research Programmes in the Companies and Society • Dr Krisztina Bárdos, Managing Director of the Mechanical Engineering Scientific Association and the Hungarian Medical Cluster (Associated partner of RUN-EU)
  • Professional Practice-Based Research Case Study • Dr Zoltán Dobra, Head of Series Analysis and Pre-Series Centre at FAW-VW Automotive Co. Ltd. (Associated partner of RUN-EU)

Third Presentations

  • Research & Innovation across RUN-EU • Professor Nuno Rodrigues, Vice-President of IPL and Coordinator of RUN-EU (IPL)
  • Strengthening Human Capital • Dr Vivre Kallioniemi-Chambers (HAMK)
  • What is open science and what are the WP5 benefits for RUN EU PLUS? • Mrs Ingrid van Gorkum, Project Leader, WP Leader (NHL Stenden)
  • Open Forum Discussion and Q&A

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