Webinar ‘RUN-EU Kick-off Meeting and Launch Event’

The RUN-EU will organize the Kick-Off Meeting and Launch Event, on 25 November, at 14h30 (Central European Time – CET) and will be carried out in an online session.

The presidents and rectors of the higher education institutions that make up the RUN-EU together with the representatives of the governments of each country, as well as the students and staff members, will present this new European University and discuss the importance of RUN-EU in the transformation of the higher education and its regions.


14h30 – Welcome/Opening Session
14h40 – The RUN-EU European University
14h50 – ‘The transformation potential of European Universities
Round table discussion with the Presidents and Rectors from RUN-EU
15h30 – ‘Student engagement and involvement in European Universities
Presentation and round table discussion with the Students from RUN-EU
16h00 – ‘Member states in Support of European Universities
Round table discussion with Government representatives
16h40 – ‘RUN-EU in the transformation of our HEI and Regions’
Questions from participants, students, staff and associated partners
17h00 – Closing Session

RUN-EU is a network of like-minded and regionally focused Higher Education Institutions committed to societal transformation in their regions in the context of both new and emerging regional and global challenges but in particular sustainable regional development.  It is proposed to achieve this collective mission through the delivery of collaborative, future and advanced skills-based teaching, learning, and research and engagement activities across the network.

The higher education institutions, corresponding countries and associated regions which compose the RUN-EU alliance are: Politécnico de Leiria – Portugal (Centre Region); Polytechnic of Cavado and Ave – Portugal (Northern Region);  Athlone IT – Ireland (Midlands Region); Limerick IT – Ireland (Mid-West Region); HAMK – Finland (Southern Region); Széchenyi István University – Hungary (Győr-Moson-Sopron County); NHL Stenden – Holland (Friesland Province); and FH Vorarlberg – Austria (Vorarlberg).

RUN-EU aims to implement training programs that include the promotion of future and advanced skills for social transformation in the regions of the European Union. higher education institutions will jointly develop a diverse range of teaching and learning actions, providing students with different international programs (short-term and e-learning), while international cooperation projects in the area of research and development are also implemented. In the future, students will also have the opportunity to obtain European double/multiple degrees within the framework of joint training programs.

RUN-EU will also have the mission of promoting the economic, social, cultural and sustainable development of the regions covered by the network, providing the necessary skills so that students, researchers and regional agents can successfully face the challenges of the future. This new consortium intends to be an active agent in the social transformation of the regions, promoting active citizenship and leading the creation of a new multinational interregional alliance (European Zone for Interregional Development – EZ-ID).

Webinar ‘Interactive Online Learning Environments – Good Examples’ – Part 2

Monday, 16 November 2020


11h00 – 11h05
Welcome to the webinar

11h05 – 11h40
Inspiring and engaging working and learning in digital environments – HAMK’s experiences (Irma Kunnari & Kirsi Korkealehto, HAMK; Kirsi Jaakkola & Leena Koskimäki, HAMK; Jonna Niemelä)

11h40 – 12h00 
Using padlet to intensify interaction in the classroom (Tanja Eiselen, FHV)

12h00 – 12h20 
Pedagogical challenges: reinventing some practices (António Moreira, IPCA)

12h20 – 12h40 
University lecturers’ distance learning experiences gained during the covid-19 pandemic period (Viktória Gősi, SZE)

12h40 – 13h00 
Implementing active learning in online classrooms (Sarah O’Toole, LIT)

Webinar ‘Designing Student-centred Online Teaching and Learning – Basic Principles’ – Part 1

Friday, 13 November 2020


09h00 – 09h10
Welcome and orientation to the webinars (Liisa Postareff, HAMK)

09h10 – 09h40 
Designing student-centered online teaching and learning – basic principles (Liisa Postareff & Viivi Virtanen, HAMK)

09h40 – 10h00  
Covid 19 – Time for new learning opportunities (Manuela Francisco, IPL)

10h00 – 10h20 
The connectedness of our students – Changing the nature and format of student induction (Michael Tobin, AIT)

10h20 – 10h40 
Working online during Covid (Johan Postema, NHL Stenden)

10h40 – 11h00
Enhancing interaction and engagement – case HAMK Design Factory (Jari Jussila, HAMK)