Webinar ‘RUN-EU Kick-off Meeting and Launch Event’

RUN-EU will organise its online Kick-Off Meeting and Launch Event on 25 November at 14h30 CET. The presidents and rectors of the higher education institutions that make up the RUN-EU together with the representatives of the governments of each country, as well as the students and staff members, will present this new European University and […]

Webinar ‘Interactive Online Learning Environments – Good Examples’ – Part 2

16 November 2020 11h00-11h05 Welcome to the webinar 11h05-11h40 Inspiring and engaging working and learning in digital environments – HAMK’s experiences (Irma Kunnari & Kirsi Korkealehto, HAMK; Kirsi Jaakkola & Leena Koskimäki, HAMK; Jonna Niemelä) 11h40-12h00 Using padlet to intensify interaction in the classroom (Tanja Eiselen, FHV) 12h00-12h20 Pedagogical challenges: reinventing some practices (António Moreira, IPCA) 12h20-12h40 University lecturers’ […]

Webinar ‘Designing Student-centred Online Teaching and Learning – Basic Principles’ – Part 1

13 November 2020 9h00-9h10 Welcome and orientation to the webinars (Liisa Postareff, HAMK) 9h10-9h40 Designing student-centred online teaching and learning – basic principles (Liisa Postareff & Viivi Virtanen, HAMK) 9h40-10h00  COVID-19 – Time for new learning opportunities (Manuela Francisco, IPL) 10h00-10h20 The connectedness of our students – Changing the nature and format of student induction (Michael Tobin, AIT) 10h20-10h40 Working online during […]