RUN-EU Student Workshop

11 February 2020

Following many student consultation events both at an institutional and network level, a group of 24 students composed of three representatives from each RUN-EU university came together in a full day pre-launch workshop in Brussels on 11 February.

The students were invited to participate in the RUN-EU launch event, held the following day, to present suggestions for the future of RUN-EU and the European Universities to the high-level representatives of the alliance members, as well as the Portuguese Secretary of State, Ambassadors and EC representatives present at the event.

The student bodies of each RUN-EU Institute have been involved in the co-creating of the alliance through surveys and focus groups. The student representatives present at the workshop discussed the students’ perceptions and opinions on what a European University should be and how the future RUN-EU should address them.

These events have informed the development of the RUN-EU long-term vision and student preferences in relation to approaches to pedagogical and mobility arrangements.


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