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26 June 2024

The University of Burgos (UBU) is a public university of academic excellence, committed to the student’s curriculum development in an international context and devoted to research and the transfer of knowledge to society.

UBU offers 37 bachelor’s degrees, seven of them double degrees, 31 master’s degrees and 15 PhD programmes at five Campus (Hospital del Rey, Milanera, Rio Vena, Miranda de Ebro and online) hosting seven Faculties: Economics & Business Studies, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities & Communication, Law, Sciences and Polytechnic School.

UBU is regularly recognised as a modern and dynamic university in research and academic innovation by international rankings (e.g. Multirank, The Impact, Shanghai, CYD, SCIMAGO Institutions, The World University Rankings, CWUR, URanking), due to its integrative internship programmes coordinate with the industrial and technological hub of the city, the high rates of employability of our alumni, the extensive network of international exchange and mobility (e.g. UBUGlobal), the availability of scholarships (up to 2,000) and the rich lively Campus Life (sports, psychological support, nature & environmental activities, cultural activities, languages programmes, diversity attention service, cooperation & volunteer centre), as well as its close connection to former students via Alumni UBU.


UBU is located in Burgos, a mid-size (175,000 inhabitants), safe, affordable, eco-friendly and bustling city in the north of Spain ranking among the most liveable cities in the country (Top 5 on Number Quality of Life ranking 2023, Top 4 on the International Living ranking, 2022) thanks to excellent health, socio-economic and transportation facilities(e.g. top-quality hospital and universal health services, a dynamic commercial-industrial hub, situated less than 1 and a half hours from the sea and other 7 cities, including Madrid and Bilbao, and less than three hours from France and Portugal).

Burgos is the original native land of the Spanish language, where it originated in the 9th century (e.g. Cartularies of Valpuesta). It hosts the Instituto Castellano y Leones de la Lengua and the UBU International Center of Spanish to promote the language. Burgos stands out also in historical and cultural heritage (3 UNESCO World Heritage sites: Gothic Cathedral, Camino Santiago, and the Prehistoric Archaeological site of Atapuerca). Considered Best Tourist Destination 2013 by The New York Times, the history, culture and nature of Burgos and its province offer a compelling touristic attraction in the north of Spain. Additionally, the gastronomy of Burgos, including its famous Morcilla, cheese, roasted lamb, and wines (e.g. D.O Ribera del Duero, D.O. Arlanza, and D.O. Rioja) was recommended as Best Gastronomic Destination 2023 by National Geographic.

The city industrial and commercial hub hosting headquarters and primary facilities of food processing (Campofrío, Pepsico, Calidad Pascual, Eurofrits, Mahou San Miguel, Frias Nutrición), automotive (Michelin, Bridgestone, Grupo Antolin, Benteler, Lear Corporation, Grupo Cropu,…), chemical (L’oréal Paris, GlaxoSmithKline, Adisseo), metal industry (Aciturri, Nicolás Correa, Casple) and home-appliances (Ferroli, Cerámicas Gala, Veka Ventanas, Kronospan), is in continuous growth and leads the green economy transformation (Siemens-Gamesa in wind power, Hiperbaric in hydrogen processing) in close collaboration with the Research and Transfer Knowledge initiatives of the University of Burgos.  


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