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At RUN-EU, you can choose between studying a short or long-term study programme. Whatever you choose, you’ll be challenged to focus on real-life societal issues and work with students from all over Europe.

From our side, we’ll make sure you have the most remarkable international education experience of your life.

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Being a RUN-EU student is so much more than just studying. It’s the places you go, the friends you make and the skills you get.
It’s a unique university life experience.

Short Advanced Programmes

Imagine you could study interdisciplinary learning units at more than one European university at a time and gain ECTS credits that you could include in your diploma.

These are the RUN-EU Short Advanced Programmes (SAPs). They range from one to eight weeks and combine on-campus activities with equally meaningful online sessions.

All degree students seeking advanced re-skilling and up-skilling in a multicultural environment can join a RUN-EU SAP – whether you’re part-time or full-time.

How can design contribute to a greener future?

Or how can video games incite change?

Apply to one of our SAPs and join us in finding solutions for current social, economic and environmental issues

Looking for a short international study experience?

List of all RUN-EU Short Advanced Programmes

Stress and Stress Management in Educational Contexts – 2nd edition

Game Changing Games – 3rd edition

Who are we? – Mapping the identity of the RUN-EU-er – 3rd edition

Conflict Resolution – Mediation in Action

Critical Thinking

Engineering Applications in Python – 2nd Edition

Living Playground in Finland

Hack Your Device, Explore an Island – Fundamentals of Cyber Security

Tourism – Research Challenge

Accounting and Finance CCISFResearch Challenge

Artificial Intelligence 2 AIResearch Challenge

Design ID+ Research Challenge

Numerical Methods in Python Programming

RUN-EU PathSAP Challenge for Staff

Delivering on the Socio-Economic Transition within the EU – Research Challenge

Delivering on the Digital Transition within the EU – Research Challenge

Delivering on the Green Transition within the EU – Research Challenge

Stress and Stress Management in Educational Contexts

Engineering Applications in Python

Sustainable Tourism Destinations

Ethics & Values in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Smart Everything – A Collaborative Process – 2nd edition

Supportive Care in Loss, Grief, and Bereavement: an InterdisciplinaryApproach

Person-Centred Social and Health Services in Finland

Social and Community Engagement in the Irish Health and Social Sector

Six-Sigma – Manufacturing Processes Improvement

Who are we? Mapping the identity of the RUN-EU-er – 2nd edition

Preventing the Social Exclusion of Young People – 2nd edition

The Power of the Dutch Social and Health System

Impactful Content Creation – Making Media That Matters

Living Playground in Portugal

Sustainable & Inclusive Marketing Strategies

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European Double and Joint Degrees

What if you could study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree
and get two diplomas from two different universities?
At RUN-EU, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose
every single curricular unit of your programme. And much more.

Flexible and personalised

Design your curriculum and choose the topics that fit your needs and interests


Experience student life in a different European country and make friends from all around the world


Engage in work-based projects, placements, and internships and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur

European Double and Joint Degrees

Joint ProgrammeDouble Degree Programme
To be launched: 3To be launched: 24
Joint degreesDouble degreesMultiple degreesDouble Degrees
A single document awarded by all higher education institutions offering the Joint ProgrammeTwo separate degrees awarded separately by each of the two higher education institutions offering the Double Degree ProgrammeMore than two degrees awarded by more than two separate higher education institutions within the Joint Programme consortiumTwo separate degrees awarded separately by each of the two higher education institutions offering the Double Degree Programme

Double Degree Programmes

Master in Informatics Engineering and Computer Science

Master in Management in Sustainable Business and International Management and Leadership

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
FHV / Polytechnic of Leiria

Bachelor in International Business

RUN-EU PLUS is also creating professional and practice-based research master’s and PhD programmes

These will be accredited, scalable, interdisciplinary, and focused on business and society needs

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Connect with students from all over Europe and add ECTS credits to your diploma by completing a RUN-EU Short Advanced Programme

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Get in touch with your university international mobility office to create flexible and multidisciplinary study programmes


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