Dymphi van der Hoeven

Member Role

Senior Project Manager



Associated Work Package



NHL Stenden


Master of Arts

Responsibilities at RUN-EU

Current activities and responsibilities for RUN-EU include leading the design and implementation of a European Mobility Innovation Center (EMIC), leading the execution of the RUN-EU project on behalf of NHL Stenden, liaising with internal stakeholders (students, teachers, researchers, directors, Executive Board) and external stakeholders (SMEs, local government, social and cultural institutions) in the operationalization of the European University Initiative and the coordination of RUN-EU spin-off activities which include seeking additional European funds.

Professional experience

Dymphi van der Hoeven is a member of the RUN-EU Management Committee and Sr. Project Manager for RUN-EU on behalf of NHL Stenden. She has a passion for (higher) education and for equipping students with the international and intercultural competencies that they will need in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. She has a background in linguistics, English language and culture, and the internationalization of higher education. In the past, she carried the responsibility for the creation and execution of the institutional internationalization strategy at NHL Stenden and related policies. She has hands-on experience in processes focusing on the internationalization of the curriculum, internationalization at home, and the quality assurance of internationalization practices, through active involvement in successful applications for the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (CeQuInt). She is a registered CeQuInt expert and assessor, certified by the European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education. In her free time, she has a love for sculling on the Amstel river in the Netherlands and is in the process of becoming a professional photographer, which is her main hobby.


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