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Visual identity


It consists of two elements: the SYMBOL and the WORDMARK. These elements must always appear in this configuration.

In order to guarantee its full dynamics and expression, this is the preferably used version of the logo for all institutional communication channels.

The logo can also be used just as the SYMBOL. For instance, on social media, RUN-EU uses the symbol in all profile images. It can also be used in merchandising as a visual graphic element.

The logo is available for download in high (print) and low (web) resolution in .jpeg, .png, and .svg files.

Minimum size

Safe margins

This is the minimum size allowed for logo use. Smaller sizes are hardly legible and therefore forbidden.

When reproducing it with low resolution or definition, bigger dimensions should be applied, so it doesn’t lose legibility.

This is the logo safe zone. To make this calculation easier, the logo’s right upper corner is the element that defines the safe margins.



When it’s not possible to use the coloured version, the MONOCHROME logo version can be used on a black or white background, in its various applications.

The MONOCHROME version of the logo should always consider the minimum size legibility requirement to ensure its identity is recognised.


The logo POSITIVE version is available for download in (print) and low (web) resolution in .jpeg, .png, and .svg files.

The NEGATIVE version can either be used in a black or coloured background, always keeping in mind the legibility and identity recognition.

The logo NEGATIVE version is available for download in (print) and low (web) resolution in .png, and .svg files.



Primary colours

Secondary colours

Use these two colours in all institutional communication. This doesn’t mean that all visual communication should have only these colours.

Illustrations, photos and other visual media can be of other colours.

If there are one or two colours standing out, please ensure it’s one of these.

The secondary colour scheme supports the PRIMARY COLOURS and should be used to complement or enhance design elements.

Secondary colours should not be the predominant colours when used together with the primary scheme.

Colour exceptions

When colouring the logo always use the full MONOCHROME unmodified version.

For graphic purposes (eg merchandising), the positive and negative versions of the logo can be used on and with the secondary colour scheme.

Use only the PRIMARY colour palette in institutional communications.

Background colours

The use of colour as a background should always respect these examples to ensure the RUN-EU branding is coherent and legible.

Only use the MONOCHROME version on coloured or dark backgrounds.

Light colours

Should be used as a background for the logo in full PRIMARY colours. The MONOCHROME negative version can also be used on a light grey background (max. 10%). For example, when working in black and white monochrome.

Primary palette

Should be used as a background colour for the MONOCHROME negative version, or as a highlight on light backgrounds.

For graphic purposes, and only by graphic designers, logos in full colour from the SECONDARY palette can also be used on a black background.

Secondary palette

Should be used as a background colour or as a highlight colour when, for graphic purposes, more vibrant colours are needed.

Logo wrongdoings

  • The logo should never lose its original proportion, composition and colour.
  • It should never be stretched or distorted in any way.
  • It should never be rotated in any direction.
  • It should never be smaller than the minimum allowed size.
  • The coloured logotype should only be used on white or black background.
  • On coloured backgrounds, the NEGATIVE version should be used.
  • No visual and transparency effects can be used.
  • The brand typeface can’t be changed.

Brand typography

The typography used in the logo is Montserrat.

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